Grandmaster Jin Park

Korean National Team, late 1980s - early 1990s. Trivia question: can you find Master Park in this picture?

Master Park was a member of the Korean National Team (late 1980s - early 1990s), and represented Korea in the Asian Games. He won Korean and Asian Games championships several times.

Eagle TaeKwonDo History

Eagle TaeKwonDo is a family-based and family-oriented TaeKwonDo Academy, founded by Grandmaster Park in 2010. The school is rapidly growing and accepting new students, both children and adults at all levels. Come join us!


This is the best TKD place in the DC area. I as well am taught by Master Park and I find him to be a great teacher, friend, and leader. He handles children well, and always sends us back smiling. Everyone from staff, to customers, to even the children's parents have all bonded to form what is almost like a family. This is truly a place I recommend you to check out.

Mohammad Najdi

This is an amazing family-oriented TaeKwonDo school in the Washington DC area. Having practiced TaeKwonDo for over ten years, when I first met Grandmaster Park, I realized how little TaeKwonDo I actually knew. Master Park’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and training have helped me grow in this wonderful martial arts.

Sergey Ivanov, Ph.D.